Thank you for a great 2018 STEM Fair!


Directions for screening

  1. Screeners login on the website.
  2. Once  you are logged in click on the menu link Screener - My Projects
  3. Scroll down to see your project list.
  4. Click on the project you want to screen.
  5. To read the paper select the DocLink for the Research Paper; it will open in another window.
  6. Use the screening rubric and score sheet to assist you in the scoring process. See links below.
  7. To enter the score, click on the edit button .
  8. Enter the points for each section and the comments for each section.
  9. The total score will be calculated when you save; you do not need to enter the total score.  

10.  Scroll way down and click on

11.  Scroll down to select the next paper.  

This round of screening must be complete by February 25th.  Papers with scores that are very far apart will receive a third screening the following week.  

Thank you for your assistance with this endeavor!

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 Screening Rubric (PDF)    Screening Scoresheet (Excel)